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OFSTED Report November 2012

OFSTED Quotes about the quality of teaching and learning at our Academy:

“Governors, the principal and senior leaders share the same vision and ambition to inspire their community through the achievements of their children. They have relentlessly and successfully pursued improvement in all aspects of this academy, including teaching.”
“Teaching is good and has improved because across the academy there is a passion to raise achievement and a clear understanding of how to develop students’ learning.”

“Where teaching is outstanding, teachers very effectively combine their excellent subject knowledge with a very clear understanding of how students learn. As a result they plan well, systematically building students’ understanding and confidence.”

“Teachers give excellent advice to students on how to improve. They also know the needs of individuals in their group and adapt work to match those needs.”

“They have relentlessly and successfully pursued improvement in all aspects of this academy, including teaching and behaviour.”

“Through the hard work of teachers and good leadership, the quality of teaching is improving rapidly.”

“Attainment has improved significantly and students achieve well.”

“The numbers of students achieving five good GCSEs or equivalent have been significantly above average for two years.”

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Section 48

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Christian Life at the Academy is outstanding.
The Academy of St Francis of Assisi has maintained and further strengthened its definition and living of Christian Life according to the school’s mission and values. This includes all sectors of the community, especially through determined outreach to church, other faith and religious groups and by an overwhelming response to the needs of others through fundraising and outreach.
Grade: 1

The effectiveness of Collective Worship is outstanding.
Collective Worship continues to underpin Christian Life. There are increased rates of staff and student leadership and participation, together with a maintained focus on inclusion of other world faiths, religions and views. Provision has been further enriched by new and meaningful strategies for the sharing of prayer and reflection.
Grade: 1

The effectiveness of Religious Education is good.
Leadership and departmental staff provide good or better standards in class according to students’ capabilities and starting points. Whilst achievement currently falls short of national performance requirements (meanwhile having produced the school’s highest results for GCSE in 2017), students are being challenged to make progress through well differentiated teaching and learning.
Grade: 2


An OFSTED Section 48 inspection looks at the Academy’s Religious Education provision and the content of our collective worship. We received an “Outstanding” result after our last inspection in October 2015.
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